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TBMSG Nagaloka

Nagpur, Maharashtra, India

The Nagaloka Campus serves as a hub for Buddhist teachings and activities in central India, envisioned as a sacred space for enlightenment. Founded by Dharmachari Lokamitra under the guidance of Dr. Ambedkar and Sangharakshita, it aims to foster development skills and spiritual growth through discourse, teaching, and introspection.

The campus, located on the outskirts of Nagpur, features structures arranged around a central Buddha statue, resembling the serene deer park at Sarnath where the Buddha delivered his teachings. The Dhamma Hall hosts public gatherings and meditation sessions, while the Meditation Hall provides a retreat for monks. Designed with exposed brick and concrete shells, the campus exudes simplicity and tranquility. A circular meditation area, nestled within the women's hostel, offers a secluded space adorned with the Dharma Wheel motif, fostering introspection and reflection amidst nature's embrace.

1995 - Ongoing