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SOS Childrens Village Kolkata

Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Inspired by Mother Teresa's call to aid orphaned children in the aftermath of the Bangladesh war, the SOS Children’s Village in Kolkata mirrored the architectural blueprint of its predecessor in Bawana. However, unlike the rural setting of Bawana, Kolkata's village is nestled within the bustling urban landscape, adapting its layout to fit seamlessly within the surrounding cityscape. Designed around a central pedestrian promenade branching into garden paths leading to individual houses, the village embraced a similar structure of brick-bearing walls and standardized modules. Despite sharing the same functional elements, Kolkata's village manifested a distinct architectural identity, characterized by its integration of gardens, sloped red tile roofs, and exposed brick walls juxtaposed against white stucco plastered walls adorned with white China mosaic tiled vaults, encapsulating the essence of its urban context.

1975 - 1978

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