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SOS Childrens Village Bawana

New Delhi, India

The SOS Children’s Village in Bawana, Delhi, India, was the second orphanage established in the region, spearheaded by renowned social activists Tara Ali Baig and J. N. Kaul. Comprising twenty courtyard homes, each equipped with essential amenities, including a dedicated living-dining area, kitchen, "mother room," and three bedrooms accommodating four children each alongside a caregiver. With a total of 240 children, 20 mothers, and additional support staff, the village fosters a community of around 270 individuals. The architectural layout follows a systematic grid pattern, emphasizing orderliness through parallel brick-bearing walls supporting vaulted ceilings. Despite minor renovations in the late 1980s, the original design integrity remains largely intact. The village's central hub features a communal pavilion serving as a gathering space for various activities, facilitating interaction among residents and visitors. Furthermore, the campus design promotes social interaction at multiple levels, from individual homes to neighbourhood clusters, fostering a sense of belonging and community. Ultimately, the village serves as both a physical and social sanctuary, harmonizing architectural elements with its profound societal purpose.

1973 - 1975

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