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Krishnayya House

Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

The idea emerged in 1972-73 as a design for scientist, Jaswant Krishnayya in Pune, who is generally thought of as the “Father of Computer Science” in India, having introduced [1970] the first computer in India applied to policy analysis and social science analysis; having mentored the likes of Narayan Murthy; and having founded the Systems Research Institute in Pune.

The design concept entails an ethereal wall meandering around a site, creating indoor and outdoor spaces. It possesses an uncertain quality, seemingly exploring habitable spaces within itself. Transitioning from an entrance pathway to a sunny courtyard, it envelops various functional areas, integrating indoor and outdoor spaces seamlessly. The Krishnayya House, an early project in Prof. Benninger’s career, embodies these principles with natural materials, embracing outdoor courts, and versatile spaces, setting the stage for larger endeavours like the Alliance Française and the Mahindra United World College of India.


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