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Kochi Refinery Headquarters

Kochi, Kerala, India

The Kochi Refineries Limited Headquarters building is an enclosed container protected from the sun by a surrounding 'jali' of horizontal aluminium fins. The ground floor faces a "backwater" river and garden through shear structural glass walls set in from the sun. An interior atrium links the floors vertically together. Each floor is a balcony looking into this generous space, with a free-standing sculptural stair demarcating its limits.

Deep piles with broad caps provide a resting place for the columns, which ring the structure along its exterior wall, connecting into an RCC vertical shaft which houses elevators, vertical services and the 'wet core'. The system allows the structure to absorb lateral forces in the event of an earthquake. The louvred wall is designed to cut the heat gain from sunlight, resulting in significant savings in power costs. The structure is a model for other projects which attempt to protect the environment while economizing on operational costs.


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