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Institute of Social Sciences

New Delhi, India

The Institute of Social Sciences in New Delhi is ingeniously designed to fit within a confined space, bordered by a shared wall and a narrow setback, facing a busy road. Its layout optimizes the limited area, utilizing the shared wall for services and circulation, while embracing a central garden courtyard and two atrium gardens for ventilation and tranquility. The building houses various functions including meeting rooms, offices, a library, and an auditorium, with ample hang-out spaces in courtyards and terraces.

Crafted from Jaisalmer stone, sandstone jaalis, and intricate metalwork, the design draws inspiration from Mughal traditions, offering a serene retreat from the bustling surroundings. A careful integration of landscaped terraces and shaded atrium gardens creates a harmonious blend of nature and architecture, fostering a peaceful atmosphere within the bustling cityscape of Delhi.

1996 - 1998

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