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Vakil House

Panvel, India

The farm house nestled in the undulating lands at the foothills of the Sahyadris is the ideal weekend retreat for the Vakils. The design of the house echoes the landscape – both immediate and beyond. The brief given to the architects was basic- a space where the entire family can retreat to for the weekend. The architecture of the space draws inspiration from the traditional and is interpreted in a modern context. The traditional central court- the feature of a most Indian havelis, is replicated here but with a twist. Similar to traditional layouts all the habitable rooms open out onto this central court but the court has been provided with a large water body. This serves as both a recreational space as well as a medium for controlling the ambient temperature and humidity of the surrounding rooms. The shape of the water body echoes the building language and is an irregular shape. Rain water from the roof is also harvested in this water body.

2006 - 2009



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