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New Era High School

Panchgani. India

The proposed New Era High School Project is an extension envisaged to branch out the Junior college section from the existing New Era High school campus. Located in Panchgani, a well-known Hill Station and educational center with over 40 Boarding schools, the Campus is a perfect setting for learning in a wholesome environment.

New Era High School is an international, Baha`i co-educational institution established on 1st August 1945 with sixteen children, New Era has since grown into a leading international educational institution. It is under the supervision of the New Era School Committee Trust and under the guidance of the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha`is of India. The new campus is a part of the expansion program of the school.

The New Era High School would be a modest campus spread over 2.85 acres of land. It has a sloping site with an unobstructed view of the valley and mountains around. The campus will accommodate close to 250 students out of which 120 will be residing on the Campus itself. The campus has provisions of Classrooms, Laboratories and a Library. Two Hostels and a dining hall with Kitchen facilities have been designed to cater to the requirements of the residing students. Staff Quarters has been planned on the campus for residing-teaching Staff.

The campus has been designed to generate a “Hill Village” feel by maintaining a central spine in which stepped areas and an amphitheater have been created. The spine forms the street connecting all the buildings.
The buildings have been placed in levels generated by the naturally sloping site. This ensures an unobtrusive sense of construction providing view of the Valley from all levels. Sloped roofs and tightly spaced building enhance the street feeling. The articulation of Site levels with the buildings, held together by the Basalt masonry retaining walls create interesting avenues.

2011 - Ongoing



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