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Nagpur, India

The Nagaloka institute is located in the metropolis of Nagpur in central India. This institute is a center for training in social work focused on the upliftment of disadvantaged communities. Here in Nagpur, in 1953 Dr. Ambedkar converted to Buddhism leading millions of his followers into a casteless religion where they seek equality, upliftment and inspiration. Millions of erstwhile untouchables followed him, making Nagaloka a sacred precinct for searching enlightenment and equality. It is a place of the Buddha and a training center.

Dharmachari Lokamitra founded this institution, guided by the inspiration of Dr. Ambedkar, and by his guru, Sangharakshita. Accordingly, the Trilokya Bauddha Maha Shayak Gana trust was created to impart development skills, social work techniques and project implementation training, which are visualized as paths toward enlightenment. The activities of the trust take place through discourse, teaching, social work in slums and villages, motivated introspection, constructive debate, guided questioning and free floating thought. There are several hundred students from across the subcontinent and abroad. Thousands of pilgrims visit the site daily during religious festivals.

1996 - Ongoing



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