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Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)

Hyderabad, India

The Indian Institute of Technology at Hyderabad is a two hundred and twenty-seven hectares campus, located on the Hyderabad to Mumbai Highway, at a peripheral site of the metropolitan area. Three architectural firms were selected from an international competition to design various components of the institute. The faculty housing, staff housing, a lecture hall complex, the student commons, various laboratories and departments for electrical engineering, physics, liberal arts, mathematics and computer sciences are at various stages of design and construction.

Spread over two phases, a visionary director, faculty and engineering team, work closely with the architects on design, detailing and the technology proposed for construction.
The Lecture Hall Complex is composed of fifteen auditoria accommodating seventy-five to eight hundred students each, holding over three thousand, two hundred students when fully occupied. The Lecture Hall Complex sits at the junction of the two primary pedestrian movement paths in the campus. This iconic structure has a wide pedestrian street projecting through the built fabric at two levels, with halls arranged on either side. A network of ramps and staircases makes movement within the structure a kinetic experience of people interacting, light and space. Curved shell-walls emerge from the ground enclosing the halls, integrating various volumes into a holistic structure.

2011 - Ongoing



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