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Bajaj Institute of Management, Nagpur

Nagpur, India

The 3,180 Square Meters building exudes simplicity. Situated in the campus of G.S. College Nagpur, The site straddles an important city junction. The campus consists of a pre-independence articulately detailed structure. But over the years non-descript additions made the campus a mélange of buildings with no underlying character.

From the very concept stage it was decided to let this building speak a muted landscape and create spaces which would speak volumes of the building rather than have a screaming presence.

The MBA department is spread over levels each enclosing a space of 5000 sft. The slabs are “Jack Arch” with steel sections inserted. This was enclosure not only a column free usable space but also beams free. Double walls with minimal or no fenestration project the east and west facades from heat and insulate from the noise of the adjacent highways.

The north and south façade openings are recessed deep in the façade and projected by a series of concrete fins which also give a simplistic rhythm to the façade. Internal courts serve as light wells and ventilation chutes. A series of double walls in each habitable space act as shafts for circulating cool air fed from evaporative cooling units located on the roof.



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