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Ashoka Universal School

Nashik, Pune

The school is located in Nasik. The concept of the primary school building was based on integrating the new building with an already existing office building. It was aimed at redefining primary school education by adopting a style of architecture that will allow the curriculum to impart both education and exploration through these spaces. Circular walls envelop spaces within them to create classrooms and outside them the courtyards. These walls lead to constant surprise and unending curiosity. The children moving from one space to other will be left with a momentary feel of play and imagination. Slits in the walls and the skylights permeate light at various points creating a sense of drama for the children. Vivid colors of the walls reflect the playful environment generated in the spaces reflecting the schools motto of ‘play and learn’. The pre-primary school infrastructure consists of Playgroup, Nursery, Junior and Senior Kindergarten including a computer laboratory, an audio-visual room and a library. The administrative area of the school is located in the basement. The entire school has 12,500 square feet of covered and partially covered areas with classroom extending into the landscaped outdoor areas. This new approach breaks away from the regimental arrangement of classrooms in a linear fashion and replaces them with spaces that are more exploratory.




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