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Alliance Française

Ahemdabad, Gujarat, India

The Alliance Française in Ahmedabad exemplifies Benninger's meticulous approach to modernist design, seamlessly blending into a 19th-century campus layout with an informal courtyard.

The bold sculptural elements and attention to context echo his earlier student work. Natural materials reflect the surroundings of the Theological College of Gujarat. Exposed concrete features prominently, molded into various architectural elements within a bearing wall system. A structural grid based on a 2'-6" rhythm, with square windows, doors, and floor modules, creates a cohesive yet diverse interior. Unique "plug-in" toilets preserve open interior spaces while adding visual interest to the facade. Benninger's signature use of low ceilings alongside taller spaces enhances human scale and spatial dynamics, a design technique evident in his later projects. The strict adherence to a square grid pattern defines the structure's character.

1973 - 1976

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